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6,000 Pieces of Art in One Frame

A Fine Art Digital Frame for Showcasing Compelling Digital Masterpieces
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Showcase Digital Art, NFT's and everything in between

Showcase art directly from your mobile phone using the Free Muse Frame App.

The Muse Frame Software

Muse Frame boasts its market-leading software. Download the free Muse Frame mobile app from your app store and cast your digital art instantly onto the Muse Frame. You can cast your NFT's from your digital wallet with provenance, or you can cast any video, image, or GIF from your mobile phone library, it just won't have the provenence attached to it.

Crystal Clarity with Matte Anti-Glare Finish

Expressively display your digital art in any light setting with Muse Frame’s advanced anti-glare screen technology. Muse Frame is a 4k digital frame supporting over 1 billion colours with the highest-level colour and contrast accuracy. Our custom aluminium frames give the effect of a real-life luxury canvas, only digital.

Effortless Customisation

A 180-degree adjustable mount guarantees the ultimate viewing experience for your digital art, no matter the orientation.

How it works


Select the Muse Frame App

Using your frames remote control, select the Muse Frame Application


Connect to Wifi

Download the Muse App and connect your Muse Frame to a stable Wifi connection.


Sign into your digital wallet

Select and sign into your preferred digital wallet.


Showcase your NFTs

Select and instantly showcase your NFT tokens direct from your gallery onto your Muse Frame.

Unparalleled & Secure

You Don't Always Need an Internet Connection

Once you've added your art to your Muse Gallery and casted it onto your Muse Frame, your art will save locally in the Muse Frames cache. This ensures that if your internet cut outs, or if your phone dies, your Muse Frame will continue to cast your artwork.

Access a 6000+ Library of Digital Artwork

We've partnered with the best artists and digital art platforms in the industry, to give Muse Frame owners unlimited access to digital art. Muse Frames come with the Sedition Art Stream pre-installed with a complimentary subscription. Access over 6,000 pieces of art by over 1,000 of the best digital artists on the planet.

The Frame is just as Important as the Artwork

The Muse Frames are designed by artists, built and framed in custom aluminium art frames, to give their digital artworks a canvas that is identical to a traditional fine art masterpiece.

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Size Matters

Muse Frame is available is a range of different sizes to suit exactly what you need. If you're looking for a size that you don't see on our website, reach out to the team.

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Transform any space into a Digital Art Gallery

Muse bridges the gap between the digital and the physical, by showcasing the most compelling digital art in 4K clarity, from your mobile device onto the Muse Frame.

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