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The Muse Frame Artists Club

Artists are the catalysts of our company, which is why we actively partner with the greatest artists to help them get their digital artwork out into the physical world in every way we can.
BLAC is an AI collaborative artist with a strong creative career background and fine art education whose work is created in both Surrealism and Post-Photography. In addition to being exhibited around the world, BLAC has been featured in numerous publications, interviewed with Mercedes-Benz podcast "Future Dimensions", and even collegiately published on the topic of AI and Artistic Expression.
MiraRuido (his real name is Joseba Elorza) is a surreal digital collage artist. MiraRuido uses copy and paste as a technique to de/contextualize the general knowledge, re/configure our senses and re/mix the known past with the unknown future. His works show us snapshots of a different world, in which everything seems to be possible and imply a sense of ironic humor addressed to the society, showing ordinary, well-known things in a confusing new way.
Michael Kutsche
With an idiosyncratic approach of pairing seemingly contradictory visual elements of centuries-spanning artistic movements as well as mythical creatures, historical figures and pop culture elements, Michael Kutsche creates evocative paintings and animations that feel at once like fragments of anachronistic fairytales but also raise questions about the human condition and nostalgia, and ultimately force us to view past and present from a new angle.
HOXID creates a digital collection of his multi-sensory impressions as 3D audio-visual art pieces. Studied visual design and did his master`s in music design. In his art practice, he meticulously combines these two disciplines. His work is characterized by its unique atmosphere, and the sound and visuals complement each other in balance with the plain monochrome color scheme.
Leo Crane
Leo is a creative producer, artist and educator. His award-winning work combines traditional artistic practices with emerging technology, including animated films, commissioned portraits, and the first live opera on the blockchain. He leads courses at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and V&A and is co-founder of London studio Figuration.
Peter Nitsch
Peter Nitsch, a multifaceted German lens-based artist, has always worn many hats as a designer, photographer, producer, and founder. Influenced by his no-man’s-land childhood in the Upper Palatinate and the skater scene of the late eighties, Nitsch’s work explores individual and collective identities amidst cultural and urban landscapes. His recent SUMO study, comprising 60 black and white works, has completely sold out. It delves into themes of diversity, humanity, and the transience of life, merging photography, design, art, and neural interpretation at their intersection.
Michelle Blancke
Michelle Blancke (1984) is a visual artist from Amsterdam. In her lens-based artwork she gives form to her vision on nature. She removes context and intensifies with composition, framing and colour. It seems as though her images continue beyond that what can be seen in the photo. The result is an abstracted reality, with a sense of looking at something familiar in a new way.
Cevin Parker
Cevin Parker is an artist based in Berlin who uses color emotionally as a constantly evolving source of inspiration in his abstract paintings. Parker is self-taught, and creativity runs in his blood as an artist. As such, he reflects his subconscious, inspired by concepts of an impulsive vision or an unexpected muse. His paintings evoke bizarre notions of abstraction and the American color field painters of the 1950s and 1960s. The basic idea of Gerhard Richter can also be found in some of his works.
Bink Walstra, A young digital artist from the Netherlands, is captivating audiences with his otherworldly art, where humanoid figures are created from mesmerizing procedural effects. His unique style blends the human form with digital magic, creating surreal and incredible compositions. Always in pursuit of improvement, Walstra's artistic journey unfolds as a continuous exploration.
Kevin Jaeger
Kevin Jaeger is a Hamburg-based Art Director and digital artist who explores the ever-expanding possibilities of visual storytelling in the digital world. With extensive experience spanning personal, professional, and international projects, he brings ideas to life, shapes compelling concepts, and creates captivating static and moving visuals, sculptures, and designs.
Max Salzborn
Max is an independent motion designer based in Hamburg (GER). He work on commissioned projects in the commercial, cultural and editorial sector, with a strong focus on visual storytelling and aesthetic.
Empress Trash
Empress Trash (Drea Jay) is a multi-versatile visual artist currently residing in Mexico City with her rottweiler Glitch. She started in crypto art in 2021 and since has been exhibited internationally including Tokyo, Seoul, NYC, Paris, Palm Springs, Miami, Rome, LA, SXSW, Mexico City, Melbourne with Sotheby's, SuperChief, Nox Gallery, Aeon Studioverse, Oshi Gallery, Unit London, Flux Collective, imnotArt and Ted Talks Conference in Vancouver.
Betty Mü
Betty Mü is a designer and visual artist, who is specialized in video- and projection art, immersive installations and augmented reality. Her imaginative, poetic style and clear installation concepts have been shown nationally and internationally, including for such notable clients as BMW, SAP, Pinakothek der Moderne, Basel World and for art projects in Munich, Leipzig, Berlin, Italy, USA and Mexico. Betty Mü is considered a border crosser in art, who in recent years has repeatedly built bridges between digital and analog forms of expression. She integrates techniques such as AI, AR and NFT without her artistic expression ever becoming too technical or rational. Betty Mü lives in Munich / Germany.
JaneDAO is a first-generation Los Angeles native with a passion for art that has spanned over two decades. She channels a decade's worth of anxiety into her artistic expression, using her talent to transform common dark and anxious thoughts into playful and whimsical art pieces.
Jacopo Lanza
Jacopo was born in Turin, Italy, and his passion for drawing blossomed early as he grew up in the 1980s. After graduating with a degree in traditional animation from the Experimental Centre of Cinematography, Jacopo interned at Cartoon Network in London and freelanced for notable clients like Disney Junior and MTV before becoming the Head of Animation at an igaming company.
Diego Castro also known as MONOMO, is a London based CGI/AI artist with a sharp focus on digital creation, with an architectural background, and an endorsement from the Arts Council in the United Kingdom. His AI Generated artwork, Synthesized Nature, explores the relationship between nature and architecture.
Break Your Crayons
Break Your Crayons is the artistic name for the work of Marc Whitelaw. He is a senior artist at Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic. A fascination with clouds has led Marc to explore the ideas of impermanence, mortality, time & the nature of our reality. Using his 3d and 2d knowledge he creates art that sits on the fence of realism and surrealism.
Wisse Scheele
Wisse Scheele is a dancer and multi-disciplinary artist born in the Netherlands. He works with motion-design, dance, film and paint. At the age of 18, his first dance film was premiered at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and a year later it was shown at the Eye Filmmuseum during the Cinedans Film Festival. By bringing dance to the virtual 3D space he has created a place without boundaries or limitations where he has all the freedom to tell his stories.
Bstract is a Channel Islands-based artist who creates original hand-painted digitally enhanced pieces of art sold exclusively as NFTs. His symbolic abstract pieces draw inspiration from his work as a professional musician, the beauty in nature and love, his travels through different cultures, and his interest in technology and innovation.
Enzo Roff
Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Enzo Roff currently lives and works in Warwickshire, UK. He is known for his moving ultra-high-resolution video still lifes, which combine meticulous observation and framing with opulent compositions to produce a subtle yet dramatic trompe-l'oeil effect. This effect is found throughout his work as a kind of signature. His main sources of inspiration are Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Hopper and Vilhelm Hammershøi, as well as many contemporary photographers and filmmakers.
Scott Sholder
Scott is a digital artist focused on dark, yet colorful surrealist/psychedelic works mainly using Procreate and other select apps (not AI) to manipulate photographs and drawings. He turns the mundane into the fantastical using experimentation and iterative processes. His work is described as like digital alchemy.
James Cochran
James Cochran is a well-known street artist based in London. Playing a key role in the development of the underground graffiti movement during the early 1990s lead to the development of Cochran’s signature and famous aerosol pointillist style; portraits or urban landscapes painted entirely from dots and dashes of spray paint.

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